Summer of code 2008, looking for volunteers

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Mon Mar 3 19:28:41 CST 2008

Am Montag, 3. März 2008 22:22:30 schrieb Maarten Lankhorst:
> I'm also looking for project ideas, if anyone has an idea for a
> project for the summer of code, please update
> . I would prefer projects that can
> be done by small changes at a time, like implementing changes to get
> an application to work, instead of something dractic like a dib
> engine. It should preferably be doable in 2 to 3 months by someone who
> doesn't have a lot of wine experience yet.
I think writing a (partial?) D3D pipeline replacement shader in either GLSL or 
ARB is an idea. With the current state of the code this is rather hard, but I 
am working on some general infrastructure to make this easier. Depending on 
how far my work gets this could in the end be mainly a matter of translating 
the D3D settings into a shader, without worrying too much how the shader is 
then integrated into the rest of the pipeline.
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