WineHQ should discourage the use of cracks

Chris Howe mrmessiah at
Tue Mar 4 08:27:11 CST 2008

I totally get why you want to make it look like Wine isn't encouraging
cracks, but if that's all that's keeping an app from plat status, one
notch should be enough. How about

Gold: Application works flawlessly with some DLL overrides or other
settings etc. Application may not work correctly due to unsupported
copy protection.

It sounds a bit less like Wine directly saying "works if you crack it".

The thing is, if you bust an app down to bronze that works fine except
for a copy protection issue, all that's going to happen is people are
going to post "wtf? It works fine with a crack" anyway. Especially when
cracking an app you have a right to use isn't illegal in a lot of

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