WineHQ should discourage the use of cracks

Ben Hodgetts ben at
Tue Mar 4 09:38:20 CST 2008

I'm against lowering the rating for an app that requires a "No CD Patch" 
to run simply because they aren't hard to find or install (normally 
anyway) and when used restores full functionality to the game. Much like 
having to use a native DLL. Lower ratings should be reserved for games 
that have problems which are considerably harder to get working or have 
unresolvable issues (of varying degrees). I have little respect for 
copy-protection schemes due to either a) underhanded methods of 
operation or b) the mess they can create. Normally the only thing they 
end up doing is stopping people that legally own the games from actually 
using them (and this is a good example of that). If people really want 
to pirate games then they wouldn't have much of an issue spending 2 
minutes longer looking for something.

Just my (slightly irritated) 2 pence.

Ben H.

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