WineHQ should discourage the use of cracks

F Capela darkwalker_ at
Wed Mar 5 07:20:43 CST 2008

Remco wrote:
> Or how about this:
> ::Wine Compatibility::
> ( ) Doesn't work at all [Garbage]
> ( ) Starts, but not very usable [Bronze]
> ( ) Basically works, a few bugs [Silver]
> (*) Works flawlessly [Gold]
> ::Extra Info::
> [x] Needs Wine configuration (Windows version,
> sound options, regedit entries, etc.)
> [x] Needs a Windows DLL (has legal issues)
> [x] Needs a third party hack (has legal issues)
> If Gold and no tick boxes are selected: Works out
> of the box! [Platinum]
> The Extra Info tick boxes could be represented as
> icons accompanying the color-based Status wherever
> it goes. The icons should probably give a negative
> impression. A red color for example, although that
> might not get across very well, considering the
> color palette of WineHQ... ;)
> The "has legal issues" should link to a Wine Wiki
> page which explains exactly what those issues are
> and that specific discussion on how to get those
> things working is not allowed at, the
> mailing lists, the newsgroup or the IRC channel.
> Remco

I like this idea, although I'd change "has legal
issues" to "may have legal issues". Most of those DLL
overrides can be obtained legally (and even if there
is an EULA stating that they can only be used in
Windows, in some places such clause is illegal), and
there are places where circumventing copy protection
schemes in order to have better usability is legal.

BTW, where I live (Brazil) it's only illegal to
circumvent copy protection measures if it's done to
distribute illegal copies; doing it to have better
usability is perfectly legal here. And something
interesting, there's a note jointly published last
year by 4 brazilian ministers declaring, among other
things, that DRM technologies may be against both the
federal constitution and copyright law.

Fábio Oliveira Schmidt Capela
darkwalker_ at

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