[feature requist] Glide API support

Christian Costa titan.costa at wanadoo.fr
Wed Mar 5 14:20:35 CST 2008

Roderick Colenbrander a écrit :
>> Dear Wine devs,
>> There are some games out there that were built with the Glide API. The
>> Glide
>> API is the graphics API of the 3dfx Voodoo cards and is basically a
>> stripped
>> down version of OpenGL. Could please consider adding support for the Glide
>> API because I, and other have games that requires this API to be able to
>> run
>> under Wine. Now I know that there are Glide wrappers but they don't seem
>> to
>> work for a lot of people, including me, and Glide has been a very popular
>> game API in the mid- to late 90's.
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Vincent Weber,
>> weber dot vincent at gmail dot com
> The policy is roughly to ship dlls that are a core part of Windows. Yes there are glide wrappers and quite a bunch of those succesfuly work on Wine. Personally I don't know actual names but a lot of users have used Glide->OpenGL and even Glide->Direct3D wrappers without issues.
> Roderick

Glide is very similar to ASIO.
They are :
- very popular (I would say was for glide)
- tied to a driver
- not shipped with application (as for Quicktime for instance)

ASIO cannot be integrated in Wine only due to legal issue but if it's 
not the case for glide (is there legal issue at all ?) I don't see any 
reason to not have it.

Personnaly, I've never found a glide wrapper that satisfied me but I've 
not tested all the existing ones. I also not sure source are available 
for all of them.
I also think that would be good to have glide support in Wine so users 
can use it seamlessly without having to browse the web to find the good one.

I began implementing glide some years ago but I didn't get to far and 
it's barely more than a stub dll.
It may still lies somewhere in my hard drive. It was on my to do list to 
improve it. :-)


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