Getting apps running under Wine

Martin Hinner martin at
Thu Mar 6 09:56:42 CST 2008


> Please open a bug at our bugzilla (  Attaching
>  screenshots of the problem would help.  We discourage you from working
>  around Wine bugs, because if we fix the bug, we'll break your app in
>  the process.  Better to fix Wine.

I 100% agree, but I wasn't sure if wine team is willing/able to help
with this. Will do.

>  >  2) Windows drivers. We use DLL that depends on some Win32 drivers.
>  >  Linux driver is available with similar API, so it's not a big problem
>  >  to change our application to use Linux library. I understand that
>  >  clearest way how to solve this problem is to make file, but
>  >  it's quite complicated for this particular application and I would
>  >  prefer much more to add few if conditions to our Windows code that
>  >  would recognize Wine under Linux and load native .so file (not
>  >!). Is this possible? How to deal with different calling
>  >  conventions between gcc and Visual C++ 2003 ?
> I'm not sure what you mean by different calling conventions; gcc
>  supports the __stdcall convention, at least, and VC++ supports
>  __cdecl.  If you're using __fastcall you'll need to change it to one
>  of the others, I think.

Unfortunately I cannot change calling convention for one of DLLs as
it's closed-source 3rd party file.

>  As far as detecting Wine, again we prefer you don't.  Would it be any
>  great problem to ship a Linux version that called the Linux drivers,
>  and a Windows version that called the Windows drivers?

Having two versions of Win32 executable is IMHO not very practical, as
99% of the code would be same for both applications.

The original question was about loading Linux .so files directly from
.exe. How do we load (dlopen, dlsym) a .so library from .exe running
under Wine ? This would solve our problem.


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