Recent valgrind regressions in msxml3

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Mar 6 10:07:06 CST 2008

Hi Alistair,
I'm seeing some regressions in msxml3 in yesterday's git; see
+ Invalid read of size 4
+    at  HEAP_ValidateInUseArena (heap.c:925)
+    by  RtlFreeHeap (heap.c:1288)
+    by  SysFreeString (oleaut.c:196)
+    by  test_domdoc (domdoc.c:658)
+    by  func_domdoc (domdoc.c:2875)
+    by  run_test (test.h:406)
+    by  main (test.h:455)
Could you have a look?  Also, have you tried running
Valgrind yourself?  It's not hard at all these days.
- Dan

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