Google Summer of Code - Case Insensitive Filenames

Marcel Partap mpartap at
Thu Mar 6 11:27:11 CST 2008

> Is there any formal process I must go through to enter google summer
> of code for wine?
Just filing Google's application will do, although you may want to crash in #winehackers ..
What you should do IN TIME is to get intimate with the toolchain! That was the hardest part for me - 
getting started on WINE - but if you already have programming experience I doubt that is a problem.
However, from personal experience of last years SoC, communicate your implementation ideas as early 
as possible and don't be afraid to ask for help here on the list would probably be the two most 
important things...
And another lesson learned: it takes a lot of polish for your patches to be approved and committed 
by officer Julliard, be prepared to reiterate over your submitted code several times :D
Else - go for it, task sounds reasonable achievable. And the t-shirt is really worth the effort :)

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