Problem open files/folders with ShellExecute.

Bruno Cabral dreamulelowid at
Fri Mar 7 08:53:36 CST 2008

Hi guys i trying make my windows software "wine compatible" .
It use ShellExecute(..) , how could i use that to open a folder in Kde or
Gnome ? The best that i got is to open the wineefile with this:

ShellExecute(handle, "open", "explorer", "path_to_folder", NULL,

And i try to open a file too(for example a mp3), but it do nothing too.

ShellExecute(NULL, NULL, "path_to_mp3", NULL, NULL, SW_SHOW);

Both examples work fine with all version of windows.

So, how can execute a file , and howi could open a folder with kde/gnome ?

Thanks !
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