WineHQ should discourage the use of cracks

Tomas Carnecky tom at
Fri Mar 7 09:39:55 CST 2008

Vincent Povirk wrote:
> On Tue, Mar 4, 2008 at 12:53 PM, Alexander Nicolaysen Sørnes
> <alex at> wrote:
>>  I'm not sure if we should remove the option for 'fully functional, requires
>>  hacks'.  A lot of people come to the AppDB to find out how they can make
>>  their apps work, and are more interested in the end result as opposed to how
>>  to get there.
> In practice, is there really enough difference between "fully
> functional" and "mostly functional" that we need another rating?
> People who only care about the end result would know that anything
> Silver or above will just about work.
> I've seen Gold applied to software that is really "mostly functional,
> requires hacks", i.e. there are some other minor problems that can't
> be worked around (and Platinum for software with minor problems as
> well).
> Then again, if we add a few more variables, we can express the ratings
> with radar charts. ;)

Yeah, use a multi-dimensional rating system. Have different criteria and 
not just one. Rate each with zero to four stars. The overall rating 
(platinum, gold, garbage) is then a function of all the criteria ratings.

  - 0: Does not work
  - 1: Works but ...
  - 2: Works but requires dlls (download from internet)
  - 3: Works but requires local changes in winecfg (sound settings etc)
  - 4: Works with vanilla wine

  - Installation
  - Functionality
  - Usability
  - ???

The radar chart is not a bad idea., a site that helps you 
find out who to vote for (in switzerland), creates nice charts:


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