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Fri Mar 7 12:53:20 CST 2008

Am Freitag, 7. März 2008 19:35:19 schrieb Louis Lenders:
> Further i would find it nice if a project proposal would be something like
> "write a dxdiag.exe". Something like a fancy spinning cube with wine-logo,
> and frame-rate  counter or something the like. This would allow users to
> quickly test if they have set up their opengl/directX stuff correctly, and
> if they have hardware acceleration enabled. This would be something that
> could be easily done in 2/3 months
I have a bunch of driver bug tests, I could share them to anyone who is 
interested in putting them into a test application like this.

I have a few more directx-related project suggestions:

*) Write a fixed function pipelien replacement shaders in ARB_*_program 
assembly or GLSL. That could be made two projects maybe. I am currently doing 
some infrastructure work for this, if such a project is viable depends on 
where this infrastructure gets.

*) Implement pixel shaders using GL_ATI_fragment_shaders and/or 
GL_NV_register_combiners+GL_NV_texture_shader. This would bring Radeon 
8500-9200 and Geforce 4 cards up to the feature level they have in Windows. 
This also depends on the infrastructure work mentioned above.

*) Of course if anyone has own suggestions we're open to them as well. Please 
discuss them on wine-devel before applying to soc though.

My experience from last year is that GSOC projects focused on preparing 
infrastructure do not get too far, since they're boring and more work than 
estimated. Thus I've done the infrastructure work on the current proposals 
myself this time. This has the advantage that the student can focus on 
implementing code for the problem, but has the disadvantage that he has to 
get used to existing code.
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