Tons of shader recompilation in TRLegend and screen set issues

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Sat Mar 8 06:34:18 CST 2008

Am Samstag, 8. März 2008 06:53:53 schrieb Edward Savage:
> I wouldn't mind knowing this as well.  For example there is a bug in
> the rendering of the planet in the eve loading screen (this affects
> all in game planets too) and has been a bug for a year or more now.
> I've been trying to work out if it is worth poking the bug report on
> it or just leaving it till some one has time to go back over older
> bugs.
Retesting with every wine release is welcome, with some message 
like "Confirming bug in wine x.y.z" or similar. That way anyone who is 
interested in fixing the bug doesn't have to ask for a retest and wait for a 
reply when he wants to attack the bug.

@ The eve online problem: I've had a look at that, and Eve uses fixed function 
processing with somewhat insane transformation matrices, some fields are 10^6 
or even bigger.  Doing something like that is asking for precision problems, 
I am not sure if we can fix that

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