Implementing a new Direct3D function

Jérôme Gardou jgardou at
Sun Mar 9 13:52:12 CDT 2008

Le Sunday 09 March 2008 18:35:16 tony.wasserka at, vous avez écrit :
> D3DXGetImageInfoFromFile takes the D3DXIMAGE_INFO structure as parameter,
> which has changed between d3dx8 an dd3dx9_36 though.
> This means you can't forward the D3DXGetImageInfoFromFile calls from d3dx9
> to d3dx8, (even if it is done like that atm, you should fix that an you
> patch) so you'll have to write two versions of each.
> Our plan for implementing d3dx was to keep any d3dx code away from wined3d,
> so you don't have to change anything about that.
> So basically all you have to do is
> (1) implement the d3dx8 version of each function
> (2) add them to the d3dx8 specfile
> (3) implement the d3dx9_36 version of each function
> (3) correct the d3dx9_36 specfile (i.e. remove the forwarding to d3dx8)
> The d3dx9_24 to 35 dlls forward their calls to d3dx9_36, so they are okay,
> too.
>     Tony
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OK, then I'll do this that way. 
Also, d3dx9 provides support for multiple file format (PNG, TGA, BMP...). I 
assume I'll have to add those dependencies in the build process.


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