DestroyWindow behavior differences between Win9x and Win2k/xp

Justin Chevrier jchevrier at
Mon Mar 10 14:06:49 CDT 2008

Hey guys,

I'm looking into a crash of Master Of Orion II on exit (both in Wine and 
Windows XP). The problem appears to be that the program is attempting to 
do a DestroyWindow on a different thread. This is not allowed by our 
code and that behavior is backed up by MSDN documentation. This behavior 
was allowed on Windows 9x however. I have confirmed that removing the 
thread check allows the app to exit cleanly, but of course that is not 
an acceptable fix. As this is a full screen app the game's window stays 
on top in a partially drawn state and exiting requires doing an alt-tab 
to the console. Opinions on the correct course of action to resolve this?


Justin Chevrier

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