Future Wine Weekly Newsletters

Zachary Goldberg zgs at seas.upenn.edu
Mon Mar 10 18:04:49 CDT 2008


I normally would like to have WWNs ready by Sunday night to be posted
on Monday but as you can tell i'm going to slip by a day or two again
this week.

A proposal was mentioned to me to make WWNs perhaps bi-weekly, either
coordinating with the week of releases or the off week.  This would
have a couple immediate pros and cons that I can see:

*More articles and posts for me to sift through, pick out the more
important and relevent articles.  Slightly higher overall W(B)WN
*It'd be much easier for me to be on time with them.

*Fewer wwns
*Perhaps slightly bigger wwns, i don't know what general consensus is
on preffered newsletter length

Thoughts?  Either way i'de like to have 343 ready and submitted
sometime tomorrow evening.


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