DestroyWindow behavior differences between Win9x and Win2k/xp

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Mon Mar 10 20:34:37 CDT 2008

Alexandre Julliard wrote:
> "Juan Lang" <juan.lang at> writes:
>>>  I'm looking into a crash of Master Of Orion II on exit (both in Wine and
>>>  Windows XP). The problem appears to be that the program is attempting to
>>>  do a DestroyWindow on a different thread. This is not allowed by our
>>>  code and that behavior is backed up by MSDN documentation. This behavior
>>>  was allowed on Windows 9x however. I have confirmed that removing the
>>>  thread check allows the app to exit cleanly, but of course that is not
>>>  an acceptable fix.
>> On the contrary, if Windows (in any version) allows it, and an app
>> depends on it, then we have to emulate it.  A test case that passes on
>> Win9x that demonstrates the problem is probably sufficient to show
>> that the check should be removed.
> If the app crashes on XP then it's fairly reasonable for it to crash on
> Wine too. The Win9x design (or lack thereof) is not something we want to
> support in general.
Then we might as well remove "emulation" of all win versions and keep it at 
win2k. That's the whole point - if we have such a switch, we have to keep 
Wine compatible to that win version. If we can't, then we shouldn't even try 
to pretend. I'm not suggesting doing this for everything, but things like 
this do matter.


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