[2/2] wined3d: Don't translate by a full half pixel

Stefan Dösinger stefandoesinger at gmx.at
Wed Mar 12 05:46:37 CDT 2008

Am Mittwoch, 12. März 2008 09:46:25 schrieb Chris Robinson:
I am not yet conviced that those patches are a good idea. Some time ago I 
found that I need the full half pixel to make DCT happy. Furthermore I see 
different behavior among drivers, e.g. my r200 driver doesn't need any 
correction(it rather hurts instead), and the nvidia driver behaves odd on 
very small render targets.

As I said on IRC, I am afraid that we have to do those position fixes per 
driver. In the extension detection we have to draw a few points onto the back 
buffer and read back the results, and then configure the offsets accordingly.

As I keep saying, we need proper tests for that. Your test to test the corner 
points is a good start, but we also have to test offscreen targets of 
different sizes(e.g. 1x1, 4x4, 16x16, ...), and we have to test all 3 
codepaths(rhw, fixed function, shader).
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