Free apps bundled with msvcp71?

Remco remco47 at
Wed Mar 12 11:20:29 CDT 2008

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> From: Dan Kegel <dank at>
> Subject: Re: Free apps bundled with msvcp71?
> I'm still looking for a legal download of some app
> that just happens to come with msvcp71.dll.
> Ideally it'll be some small app with a trivial installer
> that can be run noninteractively, suitable for use inside winetricks.

Maybe winetricks could become a w32 application. Make it an applicationthat "installs commonly omitted dlls and frameworks on Windows". That way,you could use some of the dlls directly: those dlls that only allowfree redistribution when bundled with Windows-oriented applications. Nothing in the application, especially the name,should refer to Wine of course; that alone would make it orientedto non-Windows platforms. At least until there is a plausible use for Wine on Windows.


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