Vista and SHFileOperation tests for shell32

Paul Vriens at
Wed Mar 12 13:52:31 CDT 2008


I was trying to fix the issues with the user32/listbox tests when I found that 
we have a lot of leftover files from the shell32/shlfileop test.

This happens because I get about a gazillion dialogs asking me what to do during 
the shlfileop tests and I usually tend to click Cancel or Skip.

The first test that fails for me is where we delete the directory before the 
file in that directory. This silently succeeds on everything before Vista but 
fails on Vista and W2K8.

Adding any of the silencing flags doesn't make a difference on Vista but make it 
fail on all the other Windows versions.

What road should I take for this:

a) Add some delete_all_possible_leftover_files_and_directories function at the 
end of shlfileop.c ?
b) Start making a distinction between Vista/W2K8 and pre-Vista ?
c) ????

The first one obviously doesn't fix the test failures.



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