RESEND Prototype patch that solves bug 11897

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Thu Mar 13 05:30:07 CDT 2008

Am Donnerstag, 13. März 2008 10:19:36 schrieb Artur Szymiec:
> This is a corrected patch.
> The uuid is common to dx8 and dx9 since the UUID is generated
> inside wined3d.
Yes, that looks reasonable. Only two small issues:

> +/* Fixes BUG 11897 */
That's not really needed, specifying a GUID is correct even if it wouldn't fix 
a bug report.

Also, please attach the patch as an extra file to the mail, if you inline it 
like you did in your last mails it most likely suffers from line wrapping and 
can't be applied
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