wine virus story

Dan Kegel dank at
Thu Mar 13 10:32:23 CDT 2008

"I had set her up with a perfect Wine install. She had a bit
of software that needed to run under wine and I had shown her
how to install within that environment. Apparently, I wasn't
specific enough. It never occurred to Paula that the .exe
programs she had used on her XP machine were the vehicles for
many of her present viruses. To her, it was perfectly fine to
use those same .exe's...after all, she was in Linux, right?

I got there within the same hour and checked her
machine. Yep...Windows viruses will reside and create the same
havoc within a Wine environment. Now, I've seen it with my own
eyes. This time I reinstalled for her and made sure I found
all the infected .exe's on the Windows side and deleted them."

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