wine virus story

L. Rahyen research at
Thu Mar 13 14:49:11 CDT 2008

On Thursday March 13 2008 19:31:49 Edward Savage wrote:
> This sounds like some thing I'd be able to do though I'm not sure of
> the best way to sand box wine away from the system.  What is the best
> way to go about this, would simply creating a new user be enough to
> protect a system, or does a vm have to be used?

	Separate user is enough if you don't have world writable files in your 
system. And of course user for such purpose shouldn't be in group(s) that 
have write access to your personal or system files.
	If you are unsure use VirtualBox ( ) - it's free and 
open-source, or VMWare ( ) - it's not free.
	On Debian (and probably Ubuntu) you can install VirtualBox by running "sudo 
apt-get install virtualbox".
	I do not recommend to use QEmu because it's less user friendly than 
VirtualBox (BTW, VirtualBox is based on QEmu).

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