Wine Security Disclosure

Ivan Gyurdiev ivg231 at
Fri Mar 14 19:42:27 CDT 2008

> No matter what if your running a program, be it linux or windows (on
> wine) it always has the potential to mess up things that the user
> running it has access too.

Not true - you should be running in a SELinux sandbox to solve this problem. I'm not sure if the technology is mature enough for this, but it can and will constrain beyond user privs.

> So if you run it as a normal user the worst it can do is mess up that users files
> All of your important system files are owned by root (or they should be...) 

Quite the opposite in fact - anything important's already in the user's files - saved passwords, crypto keys, personal data, financial files. The root stuff is not interesting at all, except as a means to get to the user's files.

- Ivan

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