Wine SOC - any d3d related projects

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Sun Mar 16 09:11:34 CDT 2008

Am Freitag, 14. März 2008 20:04:38 schrieb Artur Szymiec:
> Hi,
> are there any d3d related projects for SOC 2008 ?
> Who is the Mentor ? How can I join ?
For any D3D(not d3dx) gsoc project Henri, Roderick or I would be the mentor. 
If you want to do a project this list is a good place to announce your 
interest, later when the student registration is open you can officially 
apply at google's SOC pages.

I have a few rough ideas which I think might work:

*) Fixed function pipeline replacement shader using ARB shaders or GLSL
*) Pixel shader 1.x support using GL_ATI_fragment_shader(for shader support on 
ATI r200,r250 and r280 cards)
*) Pixel shader 1.x support using GL_NV_texture_shader and 
GL_NV_register_combiners(For shader support on Geforce 3 and Geforce 4 cards)
*) Get native d3drm.dll running. That's a good pool for finding ddraw/d3d7 

A few othe ideas which might be hard for someone who doesn't know the code 

*) Prepare WineD3D for OpenGL 3(is that even out yet???) by splitting opengl 
rendering code from general management code. That is done already for 
surfaces, but needs to be done for IWineD3DDevice and buffers

*) Move WineD3D to a d3d10-like architecture: Restructure the textures, 
surfaces, index and vertex buffers around the D3D10/OpenGL resource model. To 
make use of that implement ATIs R2VB(render to vertex buffer) hack in 

Maybe also worth a consideration:
*) Take an advanced game(e.g. Team Fortress 2 in dxlevel 95, Bioshock or 
Crysis) and a graphics driver which doesn't yet work as intended(e.g. fglrx 
or any MacOS driver) and isolate the problems that prevent it from working on 
the chosen driver. Then either find workarounds or report the bug to the 
driver vendor. The problem here is that we cannot find a timeframe for a 
debugging project. It could be done withhin 5 minutes or take years.

*) Similarly, in cooperation with the Xorg guys: Find the bug that causes 
those pesky random memory corruptions when using WineD3D with Mesa/DRI 

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