appdb request: "Browse Regressions"

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at
Sun Mar 16 10:53:23 CDT 2008

> The nice reports in recent wwn's showing changes in
> appdb ratings make me want to use the appdb itself
> to see which apps have recently fallen in rating.
> Following past appdb practice, one would implement
> that by adding a new "Browse Regressions" menu
> item on the left, below Browse Apps, Browse Newest Apps,
> Downloadable Apps, and Browse Apps by Rating.
> I expect this will become increasingly useful as
> we approach 1.0.  How hard would it be?
> (Also, it might be nice to have an "advanced browse"
> that let you filter and sort by date, rating, and rating change.
> Once that works well, we might not need
> all those other specific browse commands...)
> - Dan

Personally I don't trust appdb regressions much. The main issue I see is that the appdb rating mechanism is not good. A lot of users don't know how to rate apps properly and even rate something as gold when half of its features don't work. They even rate it gold when they have to copy half a windows registry and tons of windows dlls.

This makes appdb lots of users complain that they saw that an app worked but that they can't reproduce it themselves. I have seen this on a lot of forums and on irc. A too low rating would even be better than a too high rating as it would then surprise users that an app worked.

Someone on irc started this page to come to a new rating:

I have extended it a bit and I think we should move to such a system in which the user needs to answer a few questions and that based on those answers a rating is selected.

The problem with the current approach is that due to the way different users rank apps, the appdb scores can fluctuate quite a bit.

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