Wine Security Disclosure

Dan Kegel dank at
Sun Mar 16 11:04:39 CDT 2008

dmitry at wrote:
>  Is it really necessary to require running a virus scanner from
>  inside of Wine?

No.  Hey, cool, we agree on something!

>  > and everybody knows that one should do that if one
>  > cares about viruses.
>  Same sentence applies to Wine I'd assume.

No, because everybody assumes Linux is impervious
to viruses.  (You say you dealt with this comment, but
I must have missed it.)

>  > So Wine really is different; you can't run commercial virus
>  > scanners in it,
>  It's still possible to run a native virus scanner outside of Wine.

Yes.  And we need to encourage this, and perhaps hook into it.

>  Nobody denies that there is a problem, the thing is that personally
>  I don't see why that problem is Wine specific.

Wine increases Linux's attack surface area hugely
*and* attracts new users to Linux who are used
to computers coming with bundled virus scanners.
- Dan

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