Improving the Wine Users Guide

Lei Zhang thestig at
Sun Mar 16 13:17:38 CDT 2008


For our 1.0 release, we should have a polished users guide to help
people to learn to use Wine properly. I did a quick read of the Wine
Users Guide [1] and here are my comments:

* Near the top - mention virus / security issues, warn against running
Wine as root.
* Remove references to tools/wineinstall - does anyone use this anymore?
* Section 2.3.1 - mention ./configure --verbose
* Section - are there dlls besides kernel32, gdi32, user32,
and ntdll that we should never use the native one? Add warning about
downloading dlls from the web.
* Section 3.1.3 - the default virtual window resolution is 800x600
now. Add documentation for the dpi setting. Remove references to
"desktop double buffering" - option no longer exists.
* Section 3.1.4 - document the advanced options.
* Section 3.1.5 - add a blurb about setting directsound emulation to
none when wine complains about it.
* Section 4.5 - mention the WINEPREFIX environment variable.
* Section 5.2.1 - mention including hardware / drivers info in bug reports

- Lei


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