wine's very own control panel applets?

pure_evil at pure_evil at
Mon Mar 17 02:05:08 CDT 2008

On Sunday 16 March 2008 11:35:39 pm you wrote:
> Hi,
> While I think writing control panel applets for Wine may be a good
> idea in general, I wonder whether the specific example you propose--a
> locale setting control panel--might be better served by trying to
> infer the correct settings from the Linux locale.
> --Juan

I'm not sure how changing the decimal (in the example case) on linux would 
affect the linux apps themselves - will I have to switch it back and forth if 
another, linux app demands it to be ',' whilst the windows one wants a dot. 
(sorry if the question is somewhat stupid, still adapting, trying to get the 
windows way of thinking out of me head). 
So, in this particular case I was thinking of having the wine and linux 
locales as two different entities; After all, the win-apps only care about 
what the registry says, so no need to ever touch the global linux settings. 
(besides, the intl.cpl is the easiest and somewhat useful to make a 
substitute for, a nice starting point and a good test for the entire 
idea/toolkit; The truth is, I still haven't got much of a clue how the 
equivalent of appwiz.cpl would actually operate, not to mention (OMG!) 
In a more general sense, I have fresh memories of how frustrating the 
migration to linux can be in terms of the crash course you take once you see 
the desktop. So for a new user, having his favorite apps up and running 
properly under wine by doing something he's used to ->  Control Panel -> 
Regional Settings, rather than including a lesson in linux locale 
modification in the crash course would be nice. He can always take that 
lesson a few days later when he dares to get out of the box of the software 
he's used to ;)
BTW what about the general idea, a CPL (so the name matches) which executes 
a .exe (which does the real job,and is easier to substitute with another .exe 
when/if needed)? And a little hint on the structure... It looks like there 
are twenty-something *usual* applets. That would make 40+ additional files in 
the system32... maybe a c:/windows/winecontrolapplets folder which contains 
the .exes?

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