Updated 1.0.0 release criteria; draft 1.0.0 release plan

Francois Gouget fgouget at free.fr
Mon Mar 17 05:26:36 CDT 2008

On Sat, 15 Mar 2008, Dan Kegel wrote:

> I've updated http://wiki.winehq.org/WineReleaseCriteria
> to be a bit more final.
> I've also written a draft release plan; see
> http://wiki.winehq.org/WineReleasePlan
> Comments?

My understanding is that Wine 1.0's goal has never been to run 
everything under the sun but more to put a stake in the ground saying 
'now all the infrastructure is in place' and a change of gears to care 
more about not introducing regressions.

So I'd say that among the most important things to do for 1.0 is to:
 * make sure the conformance tests are correct. Currently a large 
fraction of them still fails on various Windows platforms which proves 
that they are far from correct (despite Paul Vriens' great work). As a 
start we could shoot for less than 10% failure on XP, 2003 and Vista for 
instance. Right now we stand at about 37%.

 * make sure the conformance tests work in Wine. This is actually on the 
1.0 bug list (bugs 7915 and 9916) but lost in the middle of the 99 bugs 
there's no chance they will be looked at very much.

 * I'd also consider '421 - Implement a DIB engine (framework)' as 
belonging to that list as it's clearly part of the infrastructure and 
has been needed for a long time (and the infrastructure part is within 

Also while I agree about having a small set of 'must run' applications, 
I think that most of the other application-specific issues can be moved 
to 1.1 (or future) right away:

5807 - Mercora IMRadio crashes while attempting to run
6048 - wine crashes while starting Strokes russian language course
2547 - word perfect 12 trial fails to install
6095 - MOTD in counter-strike 1.6 and counter-strike source does not render
5535 - Planescape:Torment doesn't work
1114 - Winrar2.90/3.00: Comboex doesn't trigger a event when you mouse-click in some value of it
3023 - Orcad - "Place Part" never tries to put down a part
3711 - Musicmatch fails to install (missing registry key, HTTP_HttpOpenRequest() problem)
4770 - BlackBerry Device Manager fails to install under wine
4971 - Corel Draw 12 demo install fails
5024 - Thief: Deadly Shadows crashes:page fault on read access to 0x0000040c
5163 - Office XP 2002 crashes on installation
5402 - Trying to run PhotoStitch 3.1
5828 - Command and Conquer Generals (Zero Hour) doesn't change the mouse cursor from the default X mouse
6126 - SoulSeek crashes
6526 - Typing Instructor for Kids 2 fails to install
6795 - Skype Beta dies trying to login in win98, winme mode
7877 - Weatherbug install stops because of missing ie6
8095 - PQ Teaching toy crashes
8125 - Marratech 6.1 crashes on start
8898 - Run Time Error "445": Object doesn't support this action in Europa Knowledgebase
9030 - army men hangs on black screen
9039 - GS-Auftrag Professional SQL aborts on startup
9104 - Pdf-xchange viewer crashes
9304 - Temple of Elemental Evil demo doesn't start - gui irresponsive
9459 - FIFA 2007 crashes with the recent versions
9637 - Switchball only shows a blank screen
9809 - Autodesk Revit Architecture 2008 install fails
9895 - Alzip crashes: Invalid float operation
9942 - Powerpoint Viewer 2007 crashes opening .pptx files
10147 - Word Viewer 2003 - Tab behavior differs from Windows
10815 - Cannot drag images into Adobe Photoshop 7 from the web / desktop
10905 - thinstall firefox demo requires native msvcrt
10984 - sun jre 5 update 10 installer hangs in 0.9.52
11431 - Adobe Photoshop CS2: z-overlay of image containers
9469 - Adobe Photoshop Elements 1 welcome dialog options don't work
5948 - Star Trek: Armada does not install
7098 - RufzXP crashes on startup, needs mscoree.dll.CorBindToRuntimeEx

There, add a mere two bugs and remove 38. Isn't that a sweet deal?

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