user32: test processing of expose events (try 3)

Paul Vriens at
Mon Mar 17 09:46:43 CDT 2008

Clinton Stimpson wrote:
> Paul Vriens wrote:
>> Clinton Stimpson wrote:
>>> Simplified from first try by removing unecessary thread.
>>> Also fixing style to other code in file (thanks for feedback).
>>> ChangeLog:    user32: test processing of expose events
>>> Thanks,
>>> Clinton Stimpson
>>> ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>> The patch has been committed but makes sure that the user32 tests 
>> currently don't run on win95 anymore.
>> Can the MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx be changed to a 
>> MsgWaitForMultipleObjects?
> Yes, it can be changed.  But its not clear to me why that fixes it.
> Clint

MsgWaitForMultipleObjectsEx is not available on win95. So we have to either load 
it via GetProcAddress and check for it's existence or just change to 



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