First wine cpl available to test - the regional settings

pure_evil at pure_evil at
Mon Mar 17 12:04:44 CDT 2008

I made the first cpl (intl.cpl), and, the actual executable that goes with it.
that should link to a file called
It contains 2 things: intl.cpl which goes into c:\windows\system32
and a folder - winecontrolapplets containing the executable 
winelocalesetup.exe. The folder goes into c:\windows. 
when using "wine control", that should've added a "Locale settings" icon in 
the control panel, and launching it should execute the winelocalesetup.exe.
For some reason, though, it only reads the reg values, when trying to 
write 'em, they revert.
(haven't tested it on a winbox yet though; if writing sticks there, a possible 
bug? Using wine 0.9.57. Tested it on two openSuSe 10.3 boxes though.)

Give the concept a test drive, see if the duality matching cpl/real executable 
is feasable etc, drop me a line on cpls in general - which ones should be 
emulated etc.

If you're more interested in only the regional settings themselves, test 'em 
out on a few locales; I've already done the US one, also 
"LANG=bg_BG wine control" and "LANG=ru_RU wine control" appear to show logical 
stuff, but I have no way of knowing whether the other locales look good.


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