Running services in WINE?

Mikołaj Zalewski mikolaj at
Mon Mar 17 12:27:30 CDT 2008

> Thanks for sending in your patch Mikołaj, I tested MozyHome with it, 
> but it didn't help anything, the service still wouldn't start. I don't 
> have the experience to work on that patch by myself, but if someone 
> else starts on it and would like assistance making tests or something 
> I'm happy to try.

  I can look into that (I see it's bug #12030) however it looks like 
it's not a problem with starting the service but may be a problem with 
the service itself. Have you tried to run this service with e.g. notepad 
running in the background - the services are marked as system processes 
and if there is no non-system process left, all the system processes 
will terminate themselves.

Mikołaj Zalewski

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