UrlCanonicalize patch I submitted

John Morris mailjohnmorris at gmail.com
Mon Mar 17 16:41:39 CDT 2008


Last week I submitted a patch to correct the behavior of the
UrlCanonicalize{W,A} functions.
I found that "Stylus Studio 2007" had problems opening files that had
a space in the path name.

Tracing through the code, I found that the UrlCanonicalizeW function
was not removing the "%20" escaped space when the URL_UNESCAPE bit was
set in the flags parameter.  I wrote a small program that set the
flags like stylus studio was doing and ran it on both wine and
windows, and found that wine definitely didn't handle it the same as

I made a small change to dlls/shlwapi/url.c, as well as added a test
case to dlls/shlwapi/tests/url.c. With that change I got the same
result with my program on both windows and wine.

This is only my second patch to wine, so please feel free to give me
any feedback, and let me know if there is anything that would be
deemed incorrect about the way I did this.

Many Thanks,

John Morris

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