Fresh valgrind errors in richedit

Dan Kegel dank at
Mon Mar 17 20:24:52 CDT 2008

Eric, could you have a look at

There are several new errors of the sort:

+ Conditional jump or move depends on uninitialised value(s)
+    at  ME_SetParaFormat (para.c:400)
+    by  ME_SetSelectionParaFormat (para.c:436)
+    by  ME_RTFReadHook (editor.c:662)
+    by  RTFGetToken (reader.c:417)
+    by  RTFRead (reader.c:333)
+    by  ME_StreamIn (editor.c:1095)
+    by  RichEditWndProc_common (editor.c:2432)
+    by  RichEditWndProcA (editor.c:3237)
+    by  (within /home/dank/wine-git/dlls/user32/
+    by  call_window_proc (winproc.c:457)
+    by  WINPROC_call_window (winproc.c:2207)
+    by  call_window_proc (message.c:1615)
+    by  send_message (message.c:2430)
+    by  SendMessageA (message.c:2575)
+    by  test_EM_SETTEXTMODE (editor.c:471)
+    by  func_editor (editor.c:2705)
+    by  run_test (test.h:406)
+    by  main (test.h:455)

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