1/6 WineD3D: CheckDeviceFormat rewrite

Roderick Colenbrander thunderbird2k at gmx.net
Tue Mar 18 03:27:01 CDT 2008

> > Hi,
> >
> > This patch puts legacy bump mapping in its own function.
> Battlefield 1942 is broken for me after these patches, apparently because 
> D3DFMT_R8G8B8 is enabled again. As far as I can see this is due to the
> early 
> if(!Usage) return in the texture resource check, the code never reaches
> the if 
> condition that disables R8G8B8. Is this early return needed at all? It
> seems 
> confusing to me and is only going to cause breakage similarly to the old 
> code.
> The old code enabled R8G8B8 for d3d7, but I think you can remove that and
> keep 
> the format disabled altogether. As far as I can see Windows does not
> support 
> it in ddraw either, and enabling it for d3d7 but not d3d8 wouldn't make 
> sense.
> By the way, I noticed(a bit late) that the patches from yesterday broke
> depth 
> stencil selection for me. These patches fix this problem again, but I'm 
> afraid it will cause some issues for regression testing.

The patches from yesterday where the start. These new 6 patches will move most of the other code around. After it the change is done for about 90%. Today I will send a bunch of other patches which will move some smaller parts like one which takes care of this r8g8b8 version check (I moved it to the top of the function but I could also keep it where it is and remove !Usage checks). I also need to enable set dynamic / softwareprocessing and a few others.

I think it is best to continue now. I'll prepare some of the other patches now.

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