Proposed EM_Fontrange Patch

Eric Pouech eric.pouech at
Tue Mar 18 15:29:57 CDT 2008

James McKenzie a écrit :
> All:
> I would like to see the problems with EM_Fontrange be fixed.  The 
> attached patch is for comment/review and I would like SPECIFIC 
> guidance on how to implement this patch as it relates to a Wine 1.0 
> bug (bug/issue 6254) and fixes the problem specified there.  The 
> conformance tests are already in tests/editor.c and all they involve 
> is removing some todo_wine blocks related to this issue.  The entire 
> patch will do this.  Sorry that the patch is in UNIX diff format, I 
> could not get git to do what I wanted.  The actual patch will be git 
> format and use the daily git.
I think that a couple of things should be improved in the patch:
- there are 3 hDC stored in the context, while only 2 are of use 
(rendering and measure)
- there is some interdependency with the EM_SETTARGETDEVICE message 
implementation, that should be looked at
- patch is likely a bit too big and should be sliced before inclusion


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