Summer of code and bidi

Shachar Shemesh shachar at
Wed Mar 19 15:45:17 CDT 2008

Maarten Lankhorst wrote:

> Hi Shachar,
> I've removed the bi-directional entry from summer of code. I don't
> think it is a good project because it involves a lot of changes in
> pretty much all wine user controls.
Actually, I don't think any touching of the actual user controls is 
involved at all. I think the first bullet (which can be all we want for 
this year) only really involves the ExtTextOut function, as well as the 
Uniscribe functions. No user controls are touched at all.
>  The only way to do this would be
> by using the pango library to do the laying out of text,
I was about to say that the code is practically already there, but I 
really think you should know that, being how it was you who put it there 
:-). I really think that if we came this far, we had better split the 
Unicode algorithm into the components it requires and put it into 
Uniscribe. I don't think we need any reliance on external libraries 
(pango, fribidi, or any other) for that.
>  but I'm not
> even sure whether that is a good summer of code idea, since it would
> need someone already very experienced with the plumbing of wine.
It would require someone to learn the BiDi algorithm and the Uniscribe 
interface, but the reason I offered to mentor it was precisely so that 
the student not have to follow the entire Wine structure. I really don't 
believe this task is heavier than some of the Direct3D stuff on that page.
> Maarten.
Just MHO


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