wine-devel Digest, Vol 32, Issue 75

Corey McClymonds galeru at
Wed Mar 19 21:04:17 CDT 2008

> From: "Dan Kegel" <dank at>
> To: "Wine Developers List" <wine-devel at>
> Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 16:31:03 -0700
> Subject: re: Google Summer of Code Test Suite project
> On Wed, Mar 19, 2008 at 3:01 PM, Corey McClymonds <galeru at> wrote:
>  > I would like to work on the Regression Suite project, but I'm not
>  >  quite sure of the scope.  Would I be choosing a good 30 or 40
>  >  applications that run well on wine, using wpkg to install them, and
>  >  then test for failures?  Because that would seem as though I am only
>  >  doing installer testing, instead of actual application testing.
>  That would be fine for starters.
>  >  I
>  >  would also like to do some sort of automated regression testing for
>  >  actual features you can easily test, if that would be possible.
>  That would be icing on the cake.
>  Application testing is insanely difficult.  Even installer testing
>  is difficult to actually deliver.  I would prefer that you aim
>  to get a simple run-this-script-and-it-tests-N-installers
>  script working and in the wine developers' hot little
>  hands ASAP before you get fancy and try to make
>  it test more than just installs.  Because essentially
>  all efforts to do that in the past have failed.
>  Make sense?
>  FWIW, here's my first try at it from long ago.  It's a minimal little
>  script that just tests one app's installer.   I would prefer you
>  start with something this simple.
>  Also, maybe you could make some use of Lei's yawt script,
>  It's kind of overkill, but it takes care of comparing registry keys and files
>  created by the installer.
>  - Dan

Yeah, I was unaware of how difficult it would be, although now that I
put on my programmers cap, I can see how it would be really difficult
to do so.  In that case, I would still like to do a regression test
for installations to help out the wine project.

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