Questions regarding Summer of Code( and Dplay)

Maarten Lankhorst m.b.lankhorst at
Thu Mar 20 00:52:21 CDT 2008

Hello Anurag,

 2008/3/19, Anurag Mishra <mishra.anurag07 at>:

>   I am student at IIT Kanpur[1]. I have quite good knowledge about C
 >  and have been tracking development of Wine over a period of 6 months
 >  or so. I have good knowledge about C(and using it theoretically to
 >  implement stacks, efficient structures and so on). However, I have
 >  little real life experience about programming a project. I have little
 >  experience about Window's API.
 >   I was looking to participate in Wine development this summer. On SoC
 >  page, the idea of Dplay was bought up. I am interested in trying hands
 >  on that. Can anyone suggest what would be a good starting point?

There are only a few important things to directplay as far as I know.
 The first one is find a game that runs in wine and uses it, and works
 reasonably well single player but not at all multiplayer or online
 because of the missing things (fixmes on dplay in console). After you
 played the game a little bit, think of a plan on how you want to
 tackle this problem.

 Have you managed to compile a git version of wine yet?



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