The Linux/BSD DF kernel bug

Ove Kaaven ovek at
Thu Mar 20 03:14:49 CDT 2008

Ove Kaaven skrev:
>> Does anyone know if MSVC does a cld in the right places?
> Maybe. But it hardly matters. Only GCC-generated code is affected.

In order to avoid confusion about my answer, I should probably clarify. 
I was answering this question only:

"Could this kernel bug affect MSVC code?"

To this, the answer is "no", as Wine doesn't run application code from 
signal handlers. However, some may wonder what we can *learn* from the 
kernel bug, and maybe formulate a different question:

"Could the new *GCC* cause trouble for Wine, then?"

It's a completely different question, and it also goes far beyond 
whether Wine's own setup_exception clears DF before invoking exception 
handlers (currently it doesn't), and into the realm of differences 
between the Win32 and the Linux ABI. Here, the answer is "yes", but this 
is the case regardless of the kernel issue, and it is also not limited 
to exceptions, but applies to *any* call from application code to Wine.

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