Game Performance and Grafik Cards

Groeschel, Volker volker.groeschel at
Thu Mar 20 08:40:32 CDT 2008

I have read many valuable information from Detlef, Roderick and Stefan
about this topic. Thank you very much for this so far!
and some comments in bugzilla.
But it is still very hard for me to tell what I need to do to improve
performance. All I have is trial and error.
What I'm missing ist some kind of feature list for the different grafic
drivers. It would be very helpfull to have more infomation which
features are supported and how well supported with the most important
drivers and for which cards:
 - AMD Catalyst
 - Nvidia binary
Another thing I'm missing is a guid how I can tell which features my
game needs.
Then I could bring this information together and find the best match.
Like "your games uses xxx and the driver supports yyy, in this case use
switch zzz for best results".
Is there any chance that we can get this in the Wiki?
Once this information is available the application maintainers in the
AppDB could start to add recommendations for each game and make it more
easy for beginners as well.
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