developing hints appreciated

Marcel Partap mpartap at
Thu Mar 20 11:13:24 CDT 2008

> but it seems I didn't quite understand the rules of
 > the dev on wine/ or on linux for that matter :(
> I need someone to show me the ropes...
> Basically, The Toolbox. 
Last year THAT was my biggest initial problem as well. There are really a few caveats you will most 
probably hit (seems to me I hit ALL of them at some point *g) so if you do just drop me a message 
and I'll try and help, so is anyone on winehackers and this mailing list.

> Question 1: I need to mess about with winecfg. I want to compile only 
> winecfg.exe so I can immediately see when I made a mistake /rather than 
> trying to build the entire source of wine/. What's the console command(s) I 
> need to execute in order to get a winecfg.exe or any other single file, 
> executable or otherwise out of the source /preferably not overwriting the 
> real one in use/?
Build Wine once, then cd into the directory (i.e. programs/winecfg) and issue a 'make' everytime you 
changed source files, make will only rebuilt those object files and link to the rest of the build. 
Then run wine with
LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/pathtoyourwinetree/libs /pathtoyourwinetree/wine something.exe... here's an example 
from a shell script I used during development:
make; WINEDEBUG=loaddll,all,snoop,eng LD_LIBRARY_PATH=/home/google-soc/wine-git/libs \
/home/google-soc/wine-git/wine printfile.exe "Canon PIXMA iP3000" &> printfile.log

> Question 2: The cpls/any additional executables that have to be added to wine 
> have to be in source form (duh!). Any particular quirks I should know about?
> Say, example.exe has to be created when wine is built; it goes into "c:
> \windows\system32". Is there anything special (some obscure settings?) that 
> needs to be done in order for "./tools/wineinstall" and 
I have no clue about that, but here's a hint: the gnu tools are your friends. Study the grep manual 
page.. f.e. grep -nIErC3 'foo[1-9]*' . will recursively (-r) search all non-binary (-I) files within 
the current directory (.) and output any matches like foo42 with three lines of context (-C3) and 
line number (-n). Very very handy working with wine. Also if you have the KDE libs installed, try 
kscope, an incredible useful tool for C-development.

last but not least, compiler messages in quotes fed into a search engine often results in useful 
hints but you may have to dig a bit.. :)
regards, marcel.

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