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Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Thu Mar 20 11:21:08 CDT 2008

Am Donnerstag, 20. März 2008 16:05:51 schrieb pure_evil at
> Question 1: I need to mess about with winecfg. I want to compile only
> winecfg.exe so I can immediately see when I made a mistake /rather than
> trying to build the entire source of wine/. What's the console command(s) I
> need to execute in order to get a winecfg.exe or any other single file,
> executable or otherwise out of the source /preferably not overwriting the
> real one in use/?
I use it mainly as a mesure of saving compile time, so I am not quite sure if 
it does what you want. But you can compile just the programs/winecfg 
subdirectory in the wine source, and run wine via /path/to/winesrc/wine 
winecfg, and it will run your new winecfg program. This saves you the time of 
make checking all directories, as well as the "make install" time.

> Question 2: The cpls/any additional executables that have to be added to
> wine have to be in source form (duh!). Any particular quirks I should know
> about? Say, example.exe has to be created when wine is built; it goes into
> "c: \windows\system32". Is there anything special (some obscure settings?)
> that needs to be done in order for "./tools/wineinstall" and
> then "wineprefixcreate" to create "c:\windows\system32\example.exe" out of
> the source located in "<winesource>/programs/example"?
I think that's done in wine.inf, but I am not sure. Wine itself does not need 
anything in C:\windows\system32, this is mainly done for Windows applications 
that check if the file is present and check the version. You do not have to 
put fake DLLs in there for wine-private things.

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