wineprefixcreate: more stringent sanity check (try 2)

Marcus Meissner marcus at
Fri Mar 21 03:28:18 CDT 2008

On Thu, Mar 20, 2008 at 05:25:12PM -0700, Dan Kegel wrote:
> (Moved check to wineprefixcreate as Alexandre suggested.)
> Many newbies mistakenly run wine as root.  Catch
> this in wineprefixcreate and direct them to the wiki.
> Power users can bypass the check with --nosanitycheck.
> Fixes the remainder of

> +if [ $do_sanitycheck = 1 ] && [ -w / ]; then 
> +    cat > /tmp/wineprefixcreate.$$.txt <<_EOF

Bad from a security point of view at least, its predictable
and should perhaps be removed later on.

Pass it directly as argument to botyh xmessage and echo I would say.

txt=<<EOL the text ...

xmessage ... "$txt"

Ciao, Marcus

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