GSoC'08 - Tools - Scriptable Configuration

Xanf ilia.klimov at
Fri Mar 21 03:52:45 CDT 2008

Hello, everyone.
My name is Illya  and I'm interested in taking part in GSoC 2008 for
implementing scriptable configuration for wine.

So I'd liked to discuss it with community.

First of all - why I'm interested in that project?

Currently I'm working as a kind of "software consultant" in my city.
My primary The  primary aim of work  - helping migrating from MS
Windows platform to Linux & Open Source. Unfortunately, a great number
of different applications were written and still heavily used in
companies of my city for Windows. And this is a place where Wine makes
great help.
Need of scriptable configuration is quite critical for helping me
quickly perform standard configuration for some apps, and even more -
make "install packages" which will help users unfamiliar with Wine
quickly run their software.

Now - Why me?
Quite hard question. First of all, I have a personal interest (see
above :) ). Second - now I have strong will and real possibility (as I
estimate) to implement that project. I've looked for projects of
GSoC'07 year ago - and realized that I wasn't ready for them.

Although I'm absolutely new to wine-devel, I've been using Wine (and
no windows at my computer at all) for about a year. I have experience
working on some big projects (it is mangos WoW emulator
( and especially ScriptDev2 (scripting
engine for mangos) ( ). Currently I have strong
skills in reading and understanding code written by others.
I have quite strong C/C++ (mostly C++) skills. I've participated in
ACM contests and received 1 place in Ukraine and we (My team) were in
top-ten in Eastern Europe Region contests.

How I see my future work?
First of all, in short term after this message (possibly on weekend)
if I receive a positive (or at least non-negative response) from
community I plan to create a specification of CLI syntax, which I
expect to be implemented by me, divided in stages to have a
step-by-step working guide. After obtaining community suggestions
that'll become a future work plan for summer. Then I'll spend some
time in wine code reading (I've already have experience in some
"hacking" for my brother's favorite games, but I need some time for
deeper understanding). And after that - the work will start. I expect
to make a weekly "reports" how the work going on, and create a series
of patches for each step defined above.

Thanks for reading probably a bit long letter, and sorry for possibly
bad English - it is far away from my mother tongue.

Best regards,
Illya Klimov

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