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Marcel Partap mpartap at
Fri Mar 21 11:44:20 CDT 2008

 > Can you be more specific on what the issues are here? Just curious.
Well.. basically everything that goes beyond compiling small one-file programs not using the win32api :)
I have to add that i didn't start hacking wine as first step but built an exe file outside of wine, 
so everything that is managed by the wine build system I had to find out by trial and error 
approach.. cross compiling linker flags, win32isms, pointer stuff, c macro syntax, grasping the nt 
printing subsystem.. it really was a tough way from start to.. well the finish line has yet to be 
crossed. Jesse and me will have to cooperate on getting our work merged into wine 1.1. I haven't 
worked on my code for more then three months and first have to check out a current git and look into 
the changes that went into x11drv and what that means for the eventual implementation of a git engine.
Having said that it was a very difficult thing to do and I am nowhere near personal satisfaction 
about my outcome, it was a great experience and VERY VERY valuable to me. After first being 
introduced to 'real' (complex) programs during the SoC time I am now starting to feel comfortable 
coding and will commit some small code changes to various FOSS projects (wine, kde, vlc, drupal..) 
in the next few months. And wearing that shirt just totally rulez. :D

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