Failing user message sequences

Vitaliy Margolen wine-devel at
Sat Mar 22 15:21:29 CDT 2008

I've looked at the user32/tests/msg.c and there are some number of tests 
that are set to todo_wine. Conincedentaly number of those tests are a 
biggest problems (looking at bugzilla). For example WmSHOWNATopInvisible 
message sequence is failing on Wine because of absent WM_NCPAINT message. 
Could this be the source of the problem for all those full-screen programs 
that are being "lost" when switching between displays or minimizing / 
restoring windows.

I've tried to track this problem down but can't pinpoint the exact location 
where this masage should be sent. Is Wine missing a step somewhere (see 
attachment)? From what I can tell it should be somewhere between mapping the 
window and WM_WINDOWPOSCHANGED notification.

Also worth noting all the MDI tests that fail on Wine. It seems there are 
fair amount of bugs filed that are related to this tests.

IMHO some if not all of those failing tests should be fixed. This is core 
functionality and there are no excuses for not having it working.

I'd say that is much more important them some bugs listed on 1.0 list.

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