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Gynvael Coldwind gynvael at coldwind.pl
Sat Mar 22 16:05:54 CDT 2008

Hello Wine Developers,

My name is Michael "Gynvael Coldwind" Skladnikiewicz, and I am
thinking about applying for the Google SoC to work on Wine. Please
excuse my English, I am not a native English speaker.

The first step written on the Wine Ideas page was -introduction-, so..
a little about myself.
I am currently at the Wroclaw Univeristy of Technology (it's
Politechnika Wrocławska in Polish) on the faculty of Computer Science
and Management (Wydział Informatyki i Zarządzania), and my field of
study is Computer Science. I am currently at the first year of the
second degree - I already graduated the first degree, and I have the
right to the degree "inżynier" (it's equal to BSc). I have graduated
the same University, but another faculty - The Fundamental Problems of
Technology Faculty, where my field of study was also Computer Science.
In addition to being a full-time student, I am also working (remotly)
at Hispasec Sistemat, where I am a malware reverse engineer, a
security researcher and a coder (mostly Windows stuff, both user and
kernel mode). Earlier I have worked at Arcabit, a Polish antivirus
company, where I created static unpackers for common PE

I started to code when I was about 7 years old (now I'm 24) on an
Atari 800 XL, and as the time passed I've moved to a PC and started to
code in other languages, like C, C++, Java, Assembler, PHP, and many
others. My personal field of interest is computer security (up to date
I have found some vulnerabilities in Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Blizzard
Starcraft, and few others), reverse engineering, computer graphics
(software rendering algorithms and OpenGL mostly), game developement
(and playing ;>), and OS research (mostly I focus on Microsoft
Windows, but I am also interested in Linux and QNX).
Some of my research papers can be found on http://vexillium.org/ and

I guess that is enough for introducing myself ;>
If You have any questions, don't hesitate to ask ;>

Best regards,

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