ddraw: Don't clear the returnvalue anymore, we keep the dwSize and fill out the rest anyway

Kolbjørn Fredheim coolbeer1980 at yahoo.com
Sun Mar 23 07:55:59 CDT 2008

Stefan Wrote:
>Am Sonntag, 23. März 2008 03:33:56 schrieb Kolbjørn Fredheim:
>> Fixes a crash in Anarchy Online
>I think we need a test case for that - see dlls/ddraw/tests/d3d.c

Not really a need for it, we fill out the whole struct when passing through the function, so there should be no need to memset it to 0, in the worst case we could take the size of the struct as the memset, but using the dwSize is not a good thing imo, it will only crash wine/the program if the program is passing some bizarre value there.

I do however have a testcase for it, but it is really messy and spews out alot of junk, so I _really_ didn't want it included in winecode.

I could clean up the test, but I'm unshure on how to pass or fail the test, as all I'm doing now is spewing out the raw data of the struct after it's been through the function.

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