Regression introduced with one old Dösinger's commit

Stefan Dösinger stefan at
Sun Mar 23 11:51:43 CDT 2008

Am Sonntag, 23. März 2008 17:12:51 schrieb Milan Kostić:
>  OK this is that commit with problem, but don't know what is corect
> solution... i just remove it back and all my problems with water
> flowing ine games is gone:). Problem is with changes just in utils.c
> file and that is not working properly with Mesa drivers that i use (i
> don't know for other drivers). Primer: water flow, wrong animation in
> portals, etc in Dungeon Siege 2 and all other games with
> similar functions.
I recommend you to write a test for this to see how WineD3D should behave. 
Take a look at dlls/d3d9/tests/visual.c, function 
texture_transform_flags_test(). There are a lot of tests for this code 
already. The function is a bit messy unfortunately.

There are a few bug reports about regressions due to this patch. I fixed most 
of them already, but it seems that one bug is still remaining, which is the 
same as the one you're seeing.

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